Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Middle-Aged Housewife's Guide to Fighting Tyranny

Folks, it's not over now that Mueller has been assigned to be special prosecutor, but it might be a good time for a recap episode. If you're one of those people who hates when a sitcom throws a bunch of clips into a shallow plot, this might be a good time for a bathroom break. But I think it's a good to celebrate our efforts.

Identify Issues
-Read New York Times, and Washington Post articles about the Russian Election in the United States, our Constitutional Crisis, gutting humane government agencies, ignoring science. These investigative journalists are our country's true patriots. Tried not to read fake news.


Get Help from Experts
-Read On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder, Havel, and Milosc. Have you noticed that library holds on these books are still backed up?

Check. Okay, I'll admit that I skimmed Havel.

Be Consistent and Persistent
-Wrote Paul Ryan, Dave Reichert, Suzan DelBene, Patty Murry, and Maria Cantwell.
-Marched in four protests. Did not get arrested but was photographed among millions of other protesters. Did you see me there?


Discipline with Love
-Tried not to troll Trump's orange face, extreme comb-over, and tiny hands.

This kindness thing is not really my forte.

 Use Your Own Experience

- Wrote about The Metaphor of Being Grabbed and how it was all too real for many of us who listened to the video of Trump saying he could 'grab them by the pussy.'


Be Okay With Your Anger

Check. I told you that compassion isn't my forte.
Realize that You Can't Make Everything Fair
- Wrote One PersonOne Vote but I managed to nod when Mike said the electoral college would never be changed in my lifetime.

Look for Allies
-Went to Indivisibles meetings and managed to laugh with people who felt as insignificant as I do.

Recognize Hypocrisy
-Wrote Tweeting Hypocrisy but I'm sure I'm not perfect either. Maybe I'm close, but don't test me on that.  

Check, sort of.
Show Gratitude
-Thanked DelBene, Murray, and Cantwell for their persistence. Thanked Obama for his service. -Called Sally Yates a national hero. Well, she is.


It Takes a Village
-Whoops. Wrong candidate.

Find the Humor


Schedule Breaks and Getaways
- Planned vacation. 
-Got passport updated. Might be useful when I go all Desiree Farooz and end up getting arrested for laughing.


Teach Kindness and Compassion
-Talked to my Republican friends. Told most of them I don't blame them for what happened. It was the Russians' fault. And Comey's.


Use Your Words
-Looked up how to pronounce emoluments? I had to practice. If you say it over and over seventeen times, it starts to sound funny.


Respect the Individual
-Didn't write anything that I wouldn't send to my mother, son, or boss. 
-Wasn't a troll. Right? Define troll.
I'm not sure if I could totally say that. Hey, I tried.

Create a United Front
-Commiserated with Mike, my husband, and many friends. One guy threatened to unfriend any of us who posted too much political shit on Facebook, but I still see his posts, so maybe I didn't go off the rails with him. I found solace with my new Indivisibles friends. My favorite moments happened when one woman asked us to sit and imagine the power of all the individuals in all the Indivisibles meetings across the country. 

Use Anger for Good
-Remembered that anger isn't a fault, but I tried to make sure I didn't destroy my message with my use of it.


Listen and Watch
-Watched Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. I couldn't make myself watch Fox News. So sue me. 

Check, mostly.
Nag Like You Mean It
-Nagged daily. I have been trained by my son to keep repeating myself until things get done. It was the time to use that power.


Use Natural Consequences
-Wrote What is the Price of Treason?  I didn't really mean it about the hangings in that post. Not really.


Offer Choices 
Trump can either resign or get impeached. Has anyone told him that yet? The rest of his administration should check with their lawyers. Some members of  Congress should check with their lawyers as well.

I'll get right on that one. .

What did you do to help our country reach this level of success? Comment a list of your efforts. I'd love to know.

Thank you for listening, jules

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