Monday, March 6, 2017

Tweeting Hypocricy

Have you noticed that so far, all of the complaints that Trump has tweeted about are things, true or not, that he has begun to do himself now that he has the power to do them?
Trump complained of how many times President Obama played golf. I forget how many times Trump has played golf so far, but he outshines President Obama. Well, maybe he doesn't outplay him. Who knows?

Trump complained when President Obama spend a couple of million dollars one year to go on vacation for two weeks with his secret service contingency. Trump has now traveled to Florida four weekends out of five. Plus, all those expenses? They go straight into Trump profits. President Obama didn't make a profit from bringing his cronies on vacation with him.

And let's talk about unsecured devices, shall we?

Do you remember the chant? 'Lock him up! Lock him up!' Right, it was 'her' wasn't it? Poor Secretary Clinton. Trump's tweeting make Hillary's emails look like an amateur. He's tweeting up a maelstrom and it's on an unsecured phone. Are those tweets official Presidential responses?

And didn't he say that Secretary Clinton was a liar? Didn't he? Every other day, he's caught lying. It's not even news any more.

Just listen. When he complains about someone, it's usually something he's done or is doing himself.

Oh, I suppose we have bigger fish to fry. Why can't Congress get going on this investigation about Russian communication with Trump's campaign staff? What the hell is that? Why can't these people see through all these issues and promise to investigate using an impartial bipartisan commission? I have respect for John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They are saying that the emperor has no clothes. Is every other Republican in Congress blind?

If the Republican Congress keeps in lock-step with Trump, there won't be a government to govern. The people in this country will be sick with pollution. The controlling population will be white only and male. Most everyone else will live in a company town, subsisting on scraps that they pay directly to their employers for food, necessities, and rent. And millions of innocent people will be expelled from our country because of their race or their religion. 

Watch the tweets. Am I right? Do what I say, but not what I do.

Thank you for listening, jules

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