Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Crabby Traveler


The movers are coming in twelve minutes and this is the first twelve minutes I've had to myself since June 6th.

Okay, I know I shouldn't complain. I went to Europe for eleven days with my sister and my niece. It was fun, but do you know what happens when you get three people together who all talk as much as I do? Somebody has to shut up and listen. I'm telling you - if you organize a trip through Europe, definitely add that soulful listener to the group. It'll make your trip so much better.

On the other hand, I was the only one who was crabby. My sister and my niece come from the same cloth that my grandma was made from, chatty but very sweet. Don't you just hate that? Not once did they crab back at the way I was sweaty or the way I always glommed onto the extra room in the suite when there was one or the way I thought my pocket had been picked but wasn't. They never once complained about money. They didn't even complain about my driving on the autobahn though I was white knuckled most of the time. I was actually sore after the second day because I was so tightly wound about it.

Nope. My sister and my niece only barely fought with each other and that was just because my sister was tired and my niece wanted to show us the best of her Barcelona while we had the time.

It sucks to be the crabbiest person on a trip. It really does.

It could have been worse. We could have had three crabby people on our trip, or two. Really, I wasn't crabby the whole time. It's just that I got sick on the day we traveled from Strasbourg to Zurich and was still sick the next day when we caught a flight to Barcelona.

I'm telling you - this was a zippy trip. Switzerland to France to Germany to France to Germany to Switzerland and down to Barcelona. There was no time for having a cold and no time to be crabby.

The food? I almost ate frog legs. Thank God I didn't order them that night in Germany. The guys from France, our cousins, told us not to eat the frog legs in Germany, that they were only good in France.  Good thing. They weren't on any menus put in front of me in France.

I ate a lot of cheese though. Fromage. I love fromage.

Thank you for listening, jules