Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You Could Be Heroes

To the Republican members of Congress:

You can still save face. You can become the heroes. You can restore our Constitution to its healthy bipartisan condition.

The current President is out of control. He is dangerous, impulsive, and cannot be trusted with sensitive material. He appears to be beholden to the Russian government, an antagonistic leadership.

So, if you pursue the investigation together with the Democrats, if you make sure facts come out on the collusion of the Trump administration with the Russian officials meddling in our election process, if you pursue impeachment because of obstruction of justice, you can still have a Republican President. Did you know that?

The two next people in line to the Presidency are Republicans. You don't lose if Trump goes down. You win. You might even pass some of those items on your agenda before the 2018 election. You might make Republicans in the United States happy.

And yet, many of you have dug in your heels in your attempt to stand behind the Trump administration. You seem determined to go down in flames with this narcissist whose sole focus seems to be his television ratings and tweet history. You align yourselves with racists, with misogynists, with people who lie so poorly that photos and documents easily correct them, with people who collude with a foreign government that wants to infiltrate and destroy our democracy.

Do you really want to be those kind of people, followers as our country falls into Constitutional crisis?

Or do you want to get to work, to let the investigations function properly, to remove the haywire administration from the White House? You can use emoluments, conflict of interest, obstruction of justice. It's all there. You could even say that Trump is unable to do his job because of his state of mind using the 25th Amendment.

If you investigate this Constitutional crisis to its nefarious end, you could be regarded as the true patriots of our country. Republicans and even those of us who vote down the center might re-elect you in 2018. You could be the big heroes of this story and still have a Republican in the executive office.

It's your choice.

Thank you for listening, jules

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