Sunday, April 30, 2017

What is the Price of Treason?

I came here the other day, intending to tell you any bad news I could think of, but I was interrupted immediately. Mike needed me to cook a five course meal for some Boy Scouts or something. I left without writing a single word.

And the blog system saved it. Really, I didn't write a word. Not one.

Still, when I got back here and looked at what I wrote most recently, there was an unfinished draft that illustrated nothing. Nada. Zilch. Insert Trump's brain here.

What a waste of space.

But you could say that about my whole blog, right? What have I done but grouse about things that result in absolutely no change? What impact has my grating voice had? Anything?

I'm tired of being nice. What will it take to get some response to the Russian connection?

Think about it: an antagonistic country is meddling with the highest office of our government, with the essence of our democracy. Investigative reporters have discovered connections between multiple individuals in the Trump administration including wads of moolah being paid out and yet Congress is still dragging its feet about appointing an independent bipartisan commission to pursue the problem.

What the hell?

So which members of Congress are in on it? An independent bipartisan commission to investigate the Russian connection is an obvious solution to the problem and yet so many people are putting up barriers. Can you say Nunes? There is a reason for that. It might involve more money, blackmail, and as yet unknown connections to Russia.

What is the price of treason?

In my opinion, the traitors deserve a fair trial, but we shouldn't eliminate the possibility of capital punishment for each and every one of the ones who are found guilty. There should be some hangings. Start with Flynn and Page, you know, after a fair trial. Then, move up through the ranks, all the way to the top as necessary.

A strong response to meddling with our country's checks and balances should be in order. We should be as mad as we were when the Twin Towers came tumbling down. Our country is being attacked. The attacks are affecting our government, our balance of power, and our very sense of security and freedom that we live by. If we don't demand a severe response to this invasion, our lives will change, right down to the schools our children attend and to the very air we breathe. 

I'm telling you with my tiny, whiny voice. We'd better pay attention. The fabric of our Constitution depends on it. 

Thank you for listening, jules

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