Friday, October 19, 2012

Insomniac Starring Paul Giamatti

I hate when I'm tired and I wake up early, after only four hours of sleep.  Then, sometimes I sit in bed with my book, my eyes unable to focus and yet, I am not able to fall back asleep.

This morning, the whole family was up an hour earlier that we needed to be.  What is the deal?  We're all standing there wondering what we do now.  We don't need to get ready yet.  Nobody feels like getting anything accomplished. 

Those are the moments when television is the only answer.  What the hell did people do in their teepees when they couldn't sleep?  Did they get up and wander around camp in the dark hoping not to get turned into meat by a roving cougar?  Did they build a fire and poke sticks at it while listening to people snore?  I hate listening to people snore when I can't sleep.  Did they yearn for the comfort of their animal furs and cosy communal sleeping or did they lie there in the dark listening to everyone breathe? 

Heaven and hell can tip so easily between being rested and being exhausted.  Even a challenge feels great to meet when you're rested and attempting the ordinary can seem like torture when you're sleep deprived. 

I keep imagining a movie called 'Insomniac' that stars Paul Giamatti in which his whole life unravels because he can't sleep.  He can't remember to get milk or do basic things to help.  His wife nags him.  He can't relate to his teenaged daughter because he's just too damn tired and her music drives him insane.  He isn't performing well at work.  He isn't going to be fired either, but that doesn't help him all that much. Okay, this movie doesn't exist, but can't you see him nailing that part?

Sometimes I live that part.  It sucks to be a girl Paul Giamatti.  It's really not pretty.

Thank you for listening, jules

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