Monday, October 22, 2012

Common Sense and Pet Selection

I may be crazy.  I've been talking to my family about getting another cat. 

Here's why I shouldn't. 
  • I'm too busy.  I have a cat, a dog, and two frogs already, not to mention a boy who invites over a couple of other boys on a regular basis.  Isn't that enough wildlife for one household?
  • I've volunteered myself into oblivion, so that I'm never in one place from one day to the next.  Who has the time?
  • I don't want to have to train yet another animal not to leap onto the counters or eat out of the garbage. I'm still working on teaching the boy.  Just kidding, Jack.
  • I don't need any more fur stuck to my clothes.
  • I don't want my toilet paper unrolled and dragged across the floor. 
  • I like my earrings and necklaces where they are.
  • Boarding three pets is more expensive when it comes to vacation.  And have you ever tried to load three pets into the car when it's 6:45am, and you have to drop them off to board before your flight at 8:35?  By the time you step up to the ticket counter, you're hairy, teary-eyed, and sweaty already. 
  • One more - the litter box. 
So, am I going to back out of this?  Am I going to be sensible and say that we have enough pets now, thank you? 

Probably not. 

Thank you for listening, jules


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