Saturday, August 18, 2012

Schlepping Your Stuff

Damn, I need a shower! I keep telling myself I can make it. I can, but I'm a salty, sticky mess after all this camping in 90 degree weather. It's especially bad in my overly warm sleeping bag.

Why do people go camping anyway? You mess up all your stuff to pick out a subset of your stuff and you load that into your car, then into your backpack or boat. Then you schlep this crap around, never quite being able to do stuff like you do it at home.

Have you ever used that can opener on your Swiss Army knife? It's like opening a can with your teeth.

At night, you wrestle around in your sleeping bag and when you finally get comfortable, you realize you have to pee like crazy. Then you wrestle around trying to find your shoes in the dark and sometimes, if you're a girl, you end up loosing your balance and peeing on your shoes.

Then, you're covered in sweat, pee, bug spray (which is toxic), and sunscreen. You never sleep. After s few days, you schlep all your stuff home. Your washing machine runs for three days and stuff you brought is never the same.

That's camping.

Thank you for listening, Jules

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