Thursday, August 16, 2012

WashJam 2012

I'm sitting in my bivy sack in my lawn chair almost ready to go to sleep. After hitting ninety-five degrees, it's down in the sixties now and I'm cozy in my sleeping bag. I love camping this way, with the fresh air to breathe and the stars above me. I've been here long enough to have seen the big dipper rotate. It's holding more milk now. Why does the dipper seem to be holding milk? There's too much ambient light to see the milky way. This bright screen on my iPhone doesn't help.

The boys on this trip are good guys. I get to know them a different way on trips like this. I'm listening more than I would have with the Cub Scouts. I need to listen. They're another generation of young men. They have different values. I won't tell you they're bad or lazy or immoral. They aren't. They're just different.

We are in an encampment among over 4000 people. I'm already having a good time even though all we did so far is set up camp and make dinner.

I'm going to snuggle down in now and look at the stars. It'll make me feel small and it'll quiet my soul.

Thank you for listening, jules

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