Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making Himself Sick

Here I am being a lousy mom again.  It's after midnight on the fourth night of being up with a boy who's slightly nauseous.  Well crap!  I think he's sick because he has a fructose intolerance and he started the week at Boy Scout camp with an Orange Crush and three bags of Doritos.  Yes, Doritos have sugar in them.  I think he's sick because he's constipated and he proceeded to skip his Miralax and eat no vegetables the first few days of camp.  I've been trying to feed him vegetables, but he's avoiding them in favor of carbohydrates.  I believe he's making himself sick with his craving for sugars.  I had to go pick him up at camp and bring him home. 

I got mad just now.  I'm exhausted.  I can't stay up night after night with him and play with him during the day.  I can't stand watching him do this to himself and I got mad.  It's 12:45am.  He's lying in front of the damn television, trying not to feel sick to his stomach.  At this point he's sick to his stomach because I had given him the maximum amount of Miralax I could give him and I gave him prunes after that.  He's cramping from that. Prunes are high in fructose.  Automatic stomach ache.  Then earlier, he refused to eat more than a very small salad.  He should be eating a small salad at least twice a day.  He should be eating other vegetables, carrots, asparagus, whatever.  Tonight, he ate two short spears of asparagus.  Not enough fiber.

It's mean, but I'm being bluntly honest with him.  I know that most kids can get away with eating junk food for a week.  Jack can't.  He has things going on with his digestion, the fructose intolerance, the insulin resistance, and the slow digestion which causes constipation.  It's just not fair, he told me once.  Life isn't fair, I told him back.  No one gets an even deck.  It's always stacked against you. 

So, he says he's going to try something different tomorrow.  No sugary cereal.  Okay, I know, Multigrain Cheerios sound healthy, but they are sugar-coated.  They are a candy cereal.  It's a ruse, to fake us all out.  It just doesn't work for a boy who's stomach cramps at the sight of sugar.  It should be easy right?  It isn't.  Believe me.  I know.  I went on that no fructose diet with him for four weeks two summers ago.  It was hell, especially since I need to eat like a diabetic and the no fructose diet is fairly high in carbohydrates.  Imagine that.

Can you see that I'm trying to stay awake while my boy sits on the couch feeling sick to his stomach?  Can you see that?  Do I get any points for that?  Probably not. 

Hell, I'm crabby now.  I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep until I'm done sleeping.  I'm sick of the damn television.  I'm just not cut out for this.  I need my husband to come home from Boy Scout camp.  Tomorrow.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough for me.

Thank you for listening, jules

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