Saturday, February 4, 2017

Momentarily Paralyzed

A few days ago, I read an article that stated that the travel ban on our Muslim people is just a cover for the real agenda that Trump is trying to achieve while everyone is foaming at the mouth at the airports.

Note, the rollback in the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law. MSNBC talked about the rollback in financial regulations. This would make it legal for financial advisors to make their own financial goals a priority over those of their clients. But this story was jammed in between all the protests and immigration lawyers talking about the poor people who were stranded away from their homes and families because of the bad timing of their business trips.

Hey, I agree with all of the protesters at the airports. I wish I'd been able to join them at the airport with my sign that said they belonged here, that immigrants made this country great. It's outrageous that these people are suddenly kept out of the country because of their religious beliefs. Thankfully, the Constitution has something to say about this arrogant breach and judges are standing up to Trump. There are some heroes there. Sally Yates, who said Trump's executive order was unconstitutional and was fired for doing so. I hope Sally Yates has had hundreds of job offers in the past few days. I hope she wins the JFK Profile in Courage award. She deserves it.

But there are articles, which I can't find right now, that state that Trump's plan is to destabilize the American people, to keep us all off balance, so that he can quietly do what he really intends to do. All this quiet movement seems to have a lot to do with the richest people in the country, the corporations, and the Wall Street billionaires that have completely infiltrated Trump's Cabinet.

 And it's working.

I feel destabilized. I admit that I feel paralyzed by the way that Trump does something awful every day, sometimes more often than that. I can't even keep track of all the awful things he's done.

He insulted the Australians. He fired Sally Yates. He nominated Gorsuch, the pro-corporate judge. He stopped vetted Syrian refugees with visas and tickets from entering our country. He blocked legal residents with green cards based on the country they were traveling from. He signed an executive order to rescind the Frank-Dodd law. He created the fake news called the 'Bowling Green Massacre.' He threatened a trade war on Mexico. He gagged the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Parks. He reversed the Dakota pipeline hold. There is something new and awful every day!

And in the meantime, Trump is lining up his toy soldiers in the Cabinet, racist, corporate, billionaire businessmen with little or no experience except in opposition to the branch of government they were intended to lead.

I am stunned. I can't move. I can't remember details. I can't make calls because the phone lines to people who might reign in Trump's crazy actions have been closed. I can't send email because emails have been removed. What good will it do for me to write a letter?

Thankfully, I am not the only one who is resisting. Thousands of people picketed the airports. Thousands of people are making daily calls to their senators and to Paul Ryan. Some of them are showing up and asking to speak to their senators. The news is not blind to what Trump is doing. Read the New York Times and the Washington Post. Listen to Rachel Maddow. Lawyers are stepping forward. Psychiatrists are offering their analyses. Writers are writing. Comics are making us laugh at Trump's expense. Thank you Alex Baldwin and Jenny Lawson. And musicians are refusing to sing for Trump's sad celebrations. People are selling Bowling Green massacre survivor T shirts. People are following the Indivisible Guide and doing their civic duty to insist that their government represent them. And according to Rachel Maddow, it's having an effect. These persistent people are heroes too!

In the meantime, I'm trying not to rest too long. I'm trying to gather my wits, listen to reliable reports, and keep up my vigil against the Trump by writing, calling, and protesting. What else can I do?

Thank you for listening, jules

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