Saturday, February 11, 2017

We All Need to Learn Some Constitutional Law

Okay, that was a little more than a momentary paralysis on my part. First, I was sick for a while and then we had a couple of snow days in our town. Our neighborhood power went out for four days because trees fell on the power lines and Puget Power hasn't buried many lines yet. It's like we live in a Third World country. We had no heat or water for four days. Nick's frog died. Thanks Puget Power.

After sleeping on and off for two days, I woke up this morning and wondered why we can't sue Congress for not doing its job, for the lost seat on the Supreme Court or for not pressing forward regarding Russia's involvement in our election. It's called sovereign immunity. There are some exceptions. The Federal Tort Claims Act. Can't some bright law student tell us how we can all pursue the Federal Tort Claims Act?

And Congress sets its own salaries too. Yeah, I want to work for a company in which the employees set their own salaries. Want a raise? Just raise it yourself. Want to ignore the budget while the government closes down? Just don't show up. Don't like the Judiciary branch of government that checks your power, just refuse to appoint new members when the old ones die.

Cushy job.

These days,their jobs are a little harder, what with all the crowds showing up at each Congressman's office door. But the problem with that is that they've canceled town hall events, skipped meetings, stopped answering their phones. Can they do that?

Now, Congress is not doing anything about the emoluments clause or Flynn's involvement in Russia before the election. What the hell? It's been in the news since last July that the Russian government has been messing with our election and no one has done a thing about it.


Don't you see all those protestors out there? You ARE NOT representing your citizens. You need to do your jobs.

So, why can't we sue them? Really? If they're ruining our government, censoring our information, ignoring treason, can't we sue? What recourse do we have then?

Is it time for us to form a militia against the tyranny of our government? Our Second Amendment laws are all that will be left of our Constitutional rights when it's all done. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine a bunch of middle-aged moms and kindergarten teachers forming a well-armed militia and marching against the government?

Right, Betsy Devos already wants kindergarten teachers to carry guns into school.

It's the bears. Remember?

Bears are not our problem. They just aren't. Our problem is that Trump and his Cabinet are making a profit as they liquidate our government and Congress has yet to use the emoluments clause. Our problem is that Trump and his Cabinet have censored scientific information that the population has a right to see and Congress isn't doing anything about it. Does the Freedom of Information Act have anything to say about it? Our problem is that Flynn has probably committed treason and Sessions isn't about to do his job and pursue it.


I'm not a Constitutional lawyer. I need to take a class.

Thank you for listening, jules

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