Monday, August 18, 2014

More Video Games!

The three sleepover boys have been playing video games since three this afternoon, except for eating two large pizzas, except for trying to burn something aerosol while I was gone, except for trying to shoot the rat in the yard with a sling shot and a BB gun, and except for the time they ran downstairs to get their third round of sodas, except for trying to shoot on either side of the sleeping cat with Nerf guns.

Should I stop them? They're actually much easier to control when they're playing video games. Their hands are occupied. They aren't able to pick up junk food while they're playing. The can't maim, kill or otherwise torture small wild and domesticated animals, and they can't burn down my house.

So why do I hate video games so much? What was I thinking? They could be cheaper too. Why shouldn't I let them play all night? If they sleep all day tomorrow, they will save me from spending money on them to race around in go carts. Good plan, mom.

Play More Video Games Guys!

Thank you for listening, jules

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