Saturday, January 10, 2015

Watching Video of People Playing Video Games

Okay, so our household has achieved a new level of gaming: the gaming channel on YouTube.

So, what's happening at our house is that Mike and Nick, and me by default because I never get the remote, are watching people play previously recorded video games on TV. And it goes on and on and on and on. Save me, please!

So, in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I've imagined that Seth Rogan is the little guy in the corner of the screen and he's playing his game with all his people in their respective houses. The guy who's really in the corner, Adam, looks more like Jason Lee, but Seth could do that little guy in the corner some justice.

"I smell your blood," someone says in good imitation of Morgan Freeman. Can't Kevin Smith do something with this? I would come see it. I would. It would be ridiculous, just like what Nick and Mike are watching.

Both Nick and Mike are laughing their asses off. I'm mostly watching feel-good Facebook stuff on my phone and playing Words with Friends in between providing platters of junk food to the eating machines in the living room.

But can you picture Seth Rogan sitting in his underwear playing this game, yelling at his mom to bring him some nachos, and laughing at nothing on the video game? Can you?

See, it would be a little like Seinfeld, a show about nothing, a bunch of guys laughing at themselves as they play video games, and not very well at that. Nick keeps yelling at the TV the way you do when, during the horror flick, the girl answers the doorbell when it rings and the music goes all spooky.

"Don't open the door!" you yell and the girl opens it anyway.

"You're supposed to feed zombies to the dog," Nick yells, but these guys don't get it and they spend a half an hour not knowing what to do with the dog in the zombie game.

And, yes, it's contagious laughing when they laugh, so maybe the new movie should include footage of the lame families that watch Seth Rogan play video games on YouTube, even though he's horrible at it, being ranked 3/15 people playing and they suspect he's sitting there in his underwear. My role, the mom who's walking back and forth with dinner and cleaning up spilled pop and crushed corn chips, and also being bored out of her fuzzy slippers should be Melissa McCarthy, even though she's a lot younger than I am.

The funniest thing about these guys is that they think they're very funny. And that, by some miracle, makes it funny.

In consolidation with this new form of entertainment, I'm having roasted chicken and corn chips for dinner. Corn is a vegetable, after all.

Thank you for listening, jules

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