Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Pig In A Blanket and Ten Thousand Imaginary Steps

I got a new phone for Christmas. I haven't quite discovered all the features that came on it, but I turned one thing on right away, the pedometer. I thought I might see what my usual number of steps is. I thought I'd see if I surpass the measly 10,000 steps a person is supposed to get on one of my ordinary days running a million errands and walking the dog. Ten thousand steps is nothing, my friend. I was sure I walked more than that in just an afternoon.

Apparently not.

So, now, I look at my phone sitting on my desk as I sit here sweating over my work. I walked two miles with it in my pocket and only put it down when I sat down a moment or two ago. I've been in and out of the kitchen at least six times in the last hour. I've started dinner, gotten myself a snack, made tea, fed the dog, and looked at the pile of dishes that needs to get into the dishwasher, all the while, my lazyass phone sat there at my desk refusing to count my steps.

Not fair!

First off, I paced back and forth in the kitchen with it this morning as I worried if Mike slept and then I made pigs-in-a-blanket for Nick's lunch. Yes, there is that stupid yet ironic name for my day, pig-in-a-blanket. Then, I took Nick to school. My car sits in my driveway at least a hundred feet away. Did my phone count those steps?

Then, after I dropped Nick off, I walked back up the stairs to my living room, sat down on the recliner and snuggled with the cat in my brand new blanket. The irony.

As I lay there, I wondered if my phone counted the Soccer dance I did on Saturday when I got cold at the tree-recycling event. Probably not. I didn't actually move forward, just side to side. Then, I wondered at the work I did on Monday, hours at the computer when my phone told me, blithely, that I had only walked 803 steps by 3:14 in the afternoon. Liar!

I forgot to look at it before bedtime, but that phone only registered me at 7984 steps at 6:15 on Tuesday evening after I had walked 2.37 miles with Teddy. That stingy phone.

At that point, after worrying at least 50,000 steps, I fell asleep on the couch while the phone sat peacefully at my side. Maybe my phone has more of a cat personality than that of a personal trainer. I'm not sure I could ever get it to pay attention to ten thousand steps, even if I started walking in the morning and didn't stop until midnight.

I think my phone would make a good pig-in-a-blanket with me. I'm thinking of turning off the step counter. It doesn't seem at all accurate.

Thank you for listening, jules

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