Monday, July 14, 2014


It's too hot out and even though it's 7:37pm, it's stuffy inside my house. Last night we had a red sunset that, along with the heat, made me think we might be experiencing Armageddon. We have yet to cross that threshold for which it is cooler outside than inside the house. I want to open the windows wide to let in the cool. The cat wants to sit in the fresh breezes by the screen door.

It's hard to sleep in this weather. I like sleeping under a pile of blankets. I like the weight of them, so a thin sheet just won't do. And I can't imagine sleeping without being covered. Hot or not, I want to burrow in at night.

These are the days of three bean salad, cooking on the barbeque, and finding water. Tomorrow, we go to the pool, but the other mom I'm going with doesn't want to swim. Well, we do have some work to do, so Starbucks will do. I say that as if going to Starbucks is a consolation prize. If Starbucks has a decaf sugar-free iced mocha with my name on it and if it has an air conditioner, I'll be the regular fan that I am. I have a friend who works at Starbucks, so sometimes I send him a text with a picture of my coffee saying, 'paying your salary, one cup of coffee at a time.' I think I'm so funny. I'm probably not, but I go a little loopy in this heat, never quite relaxing unless my feet are in water and I can feel a cool breeze. I don't get much done when it's this hot. I fell asleep on the couch today and woke up all sweaty and disoriented, something like the way I woke up in this morning, the sun beaming onto me from the skylight and feeling all sweaty and dreaming of water. No, I don't get much done.

What I'm supposed to be doing is bringing boxes and boxes back into the house from the storage unit. Our floors are finished, but now we have to find places to put all that stuff that was so neatly stored away while my family came to visit. It looked like we'd just moved into half of our house. To me, it'll look right when we get more of our stuff put into place, when the books are on the bookshelf, and when the pots and rocks and camping gear are stuffed into corners. Who wants to see corners of floors anyway?

But it's too hot to haul boxes of stuff. I've managed to get ten or fifteen boxes moves, but it involved a lot of unnecessary sweat and an aching back. Two boxes didn't even make it into the house. They're waiting out in my car, in Nick's preferred car seat. That might get some feedback from him, but will it get me some assistance?

I don't know. I'm too hot to care.

People, I live in the Pacific Northwest. I'm not suited to this hot and dry weather. Can you please order some rain for me? I'd really appreciate some rain. A few drops? A drippy faucet?

Thank you for listening, jules

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