Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Was Robbed by Sixt Car Rentals

Well, guess what?

I was charged $185/day for a Renault Clio by Sixt Car Rental while I was in Europe!

Did you get that?

One Hundred and eighty five dollars a day!

In Strasbourg, France, when the woman behind the desk at Sixt said the car would cost about $100/day, I was shocked, but I figured stuff costs more in Europe. It was hot. We were tired. Two other rental car companies didn't have any cars left. So, when the woman behind the desk quoted $100/day, we decided to go for it, exorbitant or not. I was willing to pay the $100/day. It was crazy expensive, but I figured that's what people paid to rent cars in Europe.

I looked it up. You can get a quote for renting a car for $25/day in Europe. Don't fall for the hype. You shouldn't have to pay $100/day for a tiny little Renault Clio. I mean, this is a subcompact, people. It's not a luxury car by any means.

Yesterday, I got the bill.

Sixt charged me $185/day and when I called, they said they couldn't adjust the charges in any way. I talked to my credit card company. They said that since the numbers add up correctly, there isn't anything they can do.

I heard a story of an American tourist in Italy being charged $250 for a taxi ride from the airport to a hotel. Yeah, I said, that would never happen to me. I wouldn't be conned that way. I would never fall for crap like that.

I just did.

Remember that name - Sixt. They will take a month's rent away from you in charges. They won't do a thing about it when you complain.

And this company had the gall to send me a rewards card with this perky little letter about all the benefits of having a 'streamlined car rental experience.' They tell me that they look forward to providing me with excellent service in the future.

My ass.

Thank you for listening, jules

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