Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gobsmacked at My Fury

I'm still crabby. My house guests have left, but I'm still pissed off.

I'm still mad because on Monday, I have to call the septic people to have my septic system drained.  Two of our house guests showered until hot water was gone on a daily basis, overwhelming the system. The rest of us were frequently stuck without hot water or had to wait until it regenerated. Twice, I couldn't do dishes because they wouldn't have come clean without hot water. I did laundry, but had to put it on a delay cycle. I would never think it was okay to visit someone's house and shower until the hot water was gone, especially when there were eight people in the house.

I'm still angry because one of my guests, who supposedly has a problem with things being clean, left hair on the floor, on the toilet seat, next to the garbage, and in the sink after showering. If I had a problem with being clean, I'd try to leave a bathroom as clean as it was when I walked into it.

I'm still annoyed because someone consistently claimed the front seat and put my mother in the back seat when the honorable thing would have been allow her the front seat. Her age and her condition should have guaranteed her the front seat if she wanted it. I told him he had to share, but he didn't. He only relented and sat in the back seat when I personally took my mother's elbow and ushered her to the front seat. If I were chauffeured around in someone's car, I wouldn't think it my right to sit in the front seat all the time. I might take a turn in front, but I would share. If there were a much older and debilitated person, I would let her sit in front the whole time.

I'm still steamed because there were two people out of the six that visited, males, who never lifted a finger to help the whole week. Cooking and cleaning up after is not a woman's job. I realized that they were guests, but even guests have responsibilities. When someone cooks for me, I think it polite to at least offer to help clean up. If I'm staying for more than a day, I'll help cook too. If there are more than four people in the house for multiple days, everyone should take a turn cooking and cleaning.

I'm still fuming because we loaned one of our guests my car and he ran it into the rock wall in our yard and damaged both the wall and the car. He never apologized for that, never offered to get either fixed, and continued to use the car as if it were his own. He was consistently late returning when we had decided on a time to leave together and once locked himself out of the car, requiring seven of us to drive 45 minutes to where he was and rescue him. I didn't even know he'd driven into the city with my car. If I borrowed someone's car and crunched it, I'd hand back the keys, offer to have it fixed, and apologize profusely. I wouldn't go places in it without their knowledge. If I held up a group of eight people, I'd apologize and resolve not to let it happen again. I'd probably feel bad about borrowing someone's car to begin with and just rent a car if I wanted to have one available.

Is that enough reason to still be torqued twenty-four hours after my house guests have gone?

Thank you for listening, jules

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