Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Great American Liquidation Sale

I don't like the Trump regime. His great gift in the corporate world has been to liquidate companies and pool their remaining funds into his own account. Well, that seems to be exactly what he's doing now. Have you looked at the Cabinet he's assembling?

It's the Great Liquidation of the U.S. Government.

Want a National Park? I've got the Arches and Mesa Verde. Would you trade that for the Grand Canyon? Can you picture the neon signs I can put up there? And the gift shops and vending machines on the trails, not to mention the high-end hotels near the bottom, accessible only by helicopter.

Need some low income housing? It's becoming available and you get to raise rents on people who already can't afford to live there. Poverty sucks, but you know what? Death is a solution too, of sorts.

Healthcare? Those elderly and disabled people are sucking our system dry. Let them perish prematurely. Your grandmother? Too damned bad. It was her fault for getting old in the first place. Now, you get to drain your own retirement to pay for her care. Your grandchildren can pay using theirs too. There will be no heart to Trumpcare. You will have to pay to keep that old lady breathing.

Schools? Well, there will be an 'unpresidented' number of children schooled in the anti-fact anti-education education corporation. You could own your very own high school and you can teach whatever the hell you want. There is no such thing as a fact and you can create your own, no evidence needed.

The EPA is going to be converted to a tax-as-you-breathe system. Each human will be charged for air and water and charged again for any unfortunate emissions. They will be required to wear a weight suit to measure volumes in and out. Want to support the U.S. economy? Those beans will create the most volume out per ounce in. If you want to to support greenery and wildlife in your neighborhood, you'll have to pay for the privilege of removing toxic waste and air at a monthly rate.

Is this our legacy?

It is, folks. It really is. But you can pay a million dollars for the privilege of a hunting trip with the head of the regime. He might listen to you. For a minute.

Thank you for listening, jules

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