Friday, July 31, 2015

Karma and Knowing When to Walk Away

I hate when someone makes me feel ugly and stupid. Oh, I can handle when people make me feel ugly. My friends don't do that to me, but I can handle it. But there are special people who manage to make me feel both ugly and stupid.

I want to grab the mallet and bang the gong to get this person hustled off the show of my life. It can't happen fast enough.

You know, it's not like I'm working at a job here where it's part of my job to get along with people. I was volunteering my time. I don't have to volunteer one more hour, not one more minute in the presence of this person. Next time, if Nick wants to volunteer for this kind of service project, I'll be happy to drop him off and pick him up when it's over. I don't care how few people show up to help.

There's probably a reason why so few people showed up to help.

It's over and I'm out.

Don't you hate when people start talking about a situation and they don't use details? Don't you hate that? I hate that, but I need to keep it this way when I'm bitching about someone. 

I should delete this whole post. Not enough details. You need details. You need to see a gray pompadour hair cut. You need to see a dismissive wave of a small hand with a large signet ring of an insignificant university. You need to hear how I tried, without success, to find a way to mention the prestigious university where I attended, the degree I received there, the names of the corporations where I worked. It was futile, I realized as I found myself searching for those moments and I didn't want to go there and join in that battle for position and posturing. You need to hear the tone that crept into the voices of other people in that room who assumed that gray pompadour was correct. They didn't know me. I gave up before I began. It would not work. I was doomed to be ugly and stupid in this room.

Do you believe in karma? I want to believe.

Oh I think that karma is wishful thinking for those of us who really want life and the big wide universe to be fair. Life is not fair. Life has never been fair and karma feels like wishful thinking. Black holes suck up perfectly beautiful suns.

So, this guy won't necessarily get what's coming to him. He won't. He might end up being successful. He might find important friends and meet famous people. The only karma that might exist here is that he has to live with his sorry self and I have the privilege to walk away.

Thank you for listening, jb

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