Monday, September 8, 2014

Twenty-First Century Job Skills for a Librarian

My librarian was pissed off today.

No, it wasn't because I forgot to pay my overdue-book fines. I did forget. She wasn't actually pissed off at me. She likes me even though I chat too much. She was pissed off because she witnessed a drug deal and the recipient walked into the library afterward and was high. He smelled bad too. Is there a smell to meth users like there is for alcoholics? The Internet says there is.

So, imagine this librarian back in the days before she got her first job. You tell her that part of her new job will be to identify the smell of a meth user. What do you think she would have said? The librarian in charge of children's literature needs to know what a drug looks like so she can identify it before a kid gets hold of it when a dealer puts it into a particular book for a drop. She will have to monitor the use of the bathrooms in case anyone is using there. In addition to recommending books, she will have to train patrons on the right circumstance in which to call the police regarding drug deals to minors in the parking lot.

It's no wonder my librarian was pissed off today. She lives and works in a quiet town but needs police training to do her job. Instead of focusing on helping patrons get job interviews, find books, research the Internet, and teach our children to love books, she's busy monitoring the activities of a few known individuals who are using our libraries as their private opium dens. These guys are brazen. Maybe the library should hire a few officers to work at our bookshelves.

Doesn't that piss you off too? 

Thank you for listening, jules

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