Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Crazy Vacation

Okay, it's a good day to complain.

Who wants a week or two to sit in front of the TV nonstop?

Who wants a week or more to get out of making dinner, doing laundry and dishes, and any other kind of housework?

Who wants to take mind-altering drugs that are legal because a physician ordered them? 

Who wants to skip walking the dog and let somebody else do it for a change?

Not me, but that's what I get. I messed up my shoulder by falling off a bike last Sunday. I think I had endorphins for a while early on. It kind of hurt on Sunday night. On Monday, all my bruises hurt, but my shoulder was mostly okay except it was hard to hang wet towels over the shower curtain. On Tuesday, I hobbled around doing stuff, figuring that I'd had enough time off and had better get back to it.

Big mistake.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, I couldn't function as a normal human being. Even in the recliner, I had a stitch in my side all the time. I couldn't raise my arm to write. I couldn't type, couldn't even sit upright in a chair for an hour. I couldn't make a lunch. I couldn't remember what I'd just read. I needed to lie down when I was already lying down.

I'm doing this typing under the influence of many pharmaceuticals, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. I won't take the pain meds yet. Too freaky. Friday, I spent half the day at the doctor's office. The verdict? Damage to my rotator cuff, a referral to an orthopedic doctor, an MRI, and physical therapy. Surgery a possible outcome.

Surgery? Me? NOOOOooooooooo...........

Plus, I really don't like TV, drugs, even prescribed ones, and it sucks not to be using both hands on the keyboard. And I like walking my dog and cooking for my family, at least most of the time. I've had quite enough of this crazy vacation. Can I go back to work tomorrow?


Thank you for listening, jules

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