Friday, September 26, 2014

My Apathetic Medical Team

I'm still hanging out here, waiting for my MRI. Should I tell you who they are? Would it change anything? At this point, I have to wait another week since the nurse told me that their office would schedule it and I believed them. They didn't. That means that the wait will have been two weeks from the time I was told I needed an MRI. This morning, I scheduled my own MRI.

They've left me hanging. Can I vacuum, carry groceries, type for an hour or two even when it hurts? Can I hike, wear my daypack, work out with my trainer? Can I mow the lawn?

My body is getting used to this kind of pain. Is that a good thing? Okay, I'll admit that I get extra sweaty when I load the dishwasher and change clothes. Is that normal?

Oh, I am so sick of the fact that my whole existence is circling around this drain.

I hate the apathy with which the medical professionals so often do their jobs. I'm just another lump in the gravy, waiting to be smashed through the sieve.

Plus, doesn't my doctor know that plunging my toilet with my left hand is really messy and makes me dizzy anyway? Now, that's some scary shit, the possibility of passing out in the toilet when I'm in the middle of plunging with my left hand.

Thank you for listening, jules

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