Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Emperor's New Smells

Is it just me or can you smell the shit when you cook meat these days? I just pulled bacon out of the oven. Oscar Mayer. The predominate smell is manure.

I can't eat this!

On the rare occasions that I buy normal hamburger at my regular grocery chain, I smell manure when I cook it. I can't do it any more. There isn't any average meat that smells right to me.

I'm from the farmlands of Indiana and I know manure when I smell it.

I can't get lard for my pies that doesn't smell like poop. I even bought some milk the other day that smelled of dung. I double-checked that it was pasteurized. Isn't anyone else out there smelling that too? I can't believe I live in the United States and I have trouble because there is shit in my food.

Okay, I know about the dangers of cooking meat thoroughly to avoid contracting e coli. Really. Don't you know that if there's an e coli danger, that means there's shit in your food? Didn't you read 'Fast Food Nation' yet?

Mostly, I manage by buying organic meat at Whole Foods and at my local market where they supply Painted Hills beef. Those meats taste good to me. They smell good. I'm a true carnivore and I'd really hate to lose them.

I'm not a germaphobe either. If you were invited to my house, you'd know that. Oh, I wash my hands before I cook and in the bathroom, but I'm not afraid of a little dirt. Shit is different though. When I pick up my dog's poop at the park, I hate when I have a plastic bag failure. I hate it.

And I hate having poop in my food when it's all shrink wrapped nicely from the grocery store. Doesn't anyone else notice these things? Doesn't anyone else care?

It seems to me that it's not about the emperor's new clothes any more. It's about the way he smells.

Thank you for listening, jules

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