Saturday, November 30, 2013

Half-Full and Twenty-Seven Seconds

I'm in the mood to bitch about things. But have you noticed that it takes energy to bitch? Well, I've got some energy to spare, so hang around. I might get you to feel indignant about things too. Then there will be a whole wave of indignant people out there. Maybe we need more of that in this world, more indignant people.

I'm particularly pissed about a couple of things. Didn't I already complain about the corporations starting the sales on Thanksgiving day? I think I did. Maybe you'd like to take a moment and think about that one again.

Then yesterday, I heard that they tend to push the prices up well above what they were so that 50% off is only about 10% off if you're lucky. How are we supposed to know when the prices change almost on a daily basis? We aren't. That's the point. So, we rush out on the evening of Thanksgiving day and spend thousands of dollars trying to get that sale price only given to the first hundred customers. You've just been duped and you spent your precious holiday evening waiting in lines for hours to do it. Did you stay up all night? Did you get the deal you expected to get?

And then when you come home with groceries, have you noticed that when you buy a great big bag of chips, the bag is only a third full, unless you count air, when you open it up. What the hell is that? Pill bottles are half full. Protein powder is sold in huge half-empty containers. Is that container half full or half empty? Well, it appears that there is abundance when you're shopping those shelves, but you actually get much less than you think when you open it up at home. There are spacers built into boxes, air pumped into the bags, huge bottles that could be half their size. They are selling us air and we haven't even noticed. There are probably whole departments in these companies whose sole jobs are to find ways to make minute changes over time to sell you less for more.

God forbid you need to go through drive-thru after all that shopping. Don't mention that they've change the spelling of the word itself. You won't get more than fifteen to twenty-five seconds of the drive-thru cashier's attention. You'll need to know what you want to order before they ask that three-second question - are you ready to order? Then you rush. Have you noticed that you feel rushed? Why is that? Is twenty-seven seconds of their attention too much. Yes. Yes, it is. You get ten or twelve seconds at most to order it and confirm that she got it right. Don't fumble with your change either. In fact, you shouldn't even carry change. Your debit card should be available the moment you finishing braking at the window. That thing is swiped and handed back to you. Four seconds. Again, you rush to get it back into your wallet while the cashier simultaneously speaks to another customer and hands you your salad minus a fork and some mozzarella sticks. That might take seven seconds if you need any sauce with that. She forgets the cup of water you asked for. Did you really think you had her attention when you were ordering? No. She was busy swiping a debit card and handing food out the window to the schmucks in front of you. Don't worry, they didn't get any more attention than you did.

They didn't get water or a fork with their salad either.

Thank you for listening, jules

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