Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hell No

So, I've decided that if the Boy Scout troop doesn't want me on their trips, I'm going to find a group that does. There's a whale watching trip I could take at Friday Harbor. I've always wanted to paddle the Bowron Lakes. That trip costs $1500, but Grandma would love if I spent the money I got for her inheritance on something that I love. There are trips all over the country, even one to Turkey. Todd won't go to Turkey. I should plan all my trips to coincide with his. I should try to bring Buddy.

I can't tell you how sad I am, being excluded from activities I love because I'm female. Todd said that it really would not have been appropriate for me to be at camp, that there was a men's club only atmosphere to it. He said I could pretty much guarantee that it isn't appropriate for me to go to camp from now on. That means I can schedule a trip every year while they're at camp. So, instead of holding their hands and packing their gear for them, I'm going to plan my own trip. I will not sit at home while they do adventurous things. I can go canoeing, kayaking, or backpacking. I can book a tour to Germany or Scotland or France. Oh Mike, it's going to be expensive!

Where did all this anger come from?

It was when a guy last night said that there was no singing at camp and that they had work to do and they got right down to it, total bullshit. At first, I thought he was joking. He said I wouldn't have liked Camp Meriwether, that it wasn't like Camp Brinkley at all.

It was when another guy said that I should organize the moms to make a picnic for them while the men trained the boys how to paddle a canoe. He actually said that our 'little family canoe' was good for an occasional outing, but not much else. Well, fuck that shit.

What does Mike think of these plans? I don't know. I haven't told him yet.

If I am going to be excluded from paddling this trip to Ozette, I'm going to plan a trip of my own. I think sea kayaking at Friday Harbor would be a good start. Then, I'll have to begin planning my trip for next year. I want to paddle the Bowron Lakes. It's going to be expensive. That's just tough shit. By the time I'm done, these companies are going to be hiring me to help guide their tours.

That would be funny. The Boy Scouts has access to a person who's quite experienced at paddling a canoe and they're sending her off to paddle with strangers because she's female.

I have to stop whining about not being able to go with them and start planning my own trips. And they aren't going to be trips to Indiana to visit relatives. Hell no.

Thank you for listening, jules


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