Thursday, August 1, 2013

Complaining in Paradise

How can I complain in a place as beautiful as Hawaii?

Oh, I can complain.

We missed the fire dancing show tonight and there isn't another one until after we leave.

I don't like the chairs around our dining table. They're hard to scootch forward.

Nick is still sick and he's a bit of a bear too. We've had a number of talks about having a decent attitude toward people even when you're sick, especially when he reminded me of people I stopped being friends with years ago because they were snooty.

I want to go out to eat. Oh, this kitchen is really nice and I like that we've saved some money by eating in, but I'm tired of eating in. I'm tired of sitting around in this villa. Yes, I said that. Am I spoiled? Yes, I'm spoiled. If Nick absolutely had to be sick, it was good it was in such a nice place. Plus, the Hawaiian breakfast sandwiches were great! Hickory flavored SPAM! Oh, right, complaining. I'll get back to the complaining.

I have to get up in the morning for our kayaking adventure, but I can't sleep!

Last complaint, I promise.

Tomorrow is our last day! We're not going to get to do everything. I hate when there are so many things that we still want to do and we've run out of time. In order to fit it all in, we'll have to kayak, see turtles, find a fire dance show, paddle board, shop, eat out, and head over to that historic town to see what's historic about it. Oh, and I want to see lava even though Mike said that lava is on another island and it isn't erupting right now.

Don't you hate when you get near the end of an amazing vacation and you already start to mourn going home before the amazing vacation is over? I hate that too.

Thank you for listening, jules


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