Thursday, July 11, 2013

Revamping Our Dutch Oven

Why am I still awake?

I'm trying to season one of Mike's Dutch oven and I have to clear the smell out of the house before I go to bed so that Nick won't wake up and hack a lung.

Here's some advice for you - don't wait to clean your Dutch oven. If it rusts, you have to start over. Then, you have to scrape off flaky black stuff and start from scratch and, especially if you don't happen to have any steel wool, you'll be at it for hours.

Do I sound like I'm working from experience here?

I also learned today that it's best to put the lard onto the Dutch oven while it's hot. A website said that the iron is porous and sucks up the oil better if it's hot. Then, when you put it onto a hot oven, it seals over like a varnish finish. Only, since it's lard, it's edible. Once, an expert I talked to at a Boy Scout conference said that flax seed oil was the best at a long-lasting coat. My only problem was that I couldn't stand how the flax seed oil smelled. I use lard and it works pretty well. I've read that some people use Crisco and others use vegetable oil. Well, then.

Since it's summer and Nick's at home all day, I had to do all this at night when he wouldn't be driven out of the house by the smell. Even the dog and the cat got a little worked up over the smell.

I'm getting smarter about this. When I think it's done, I turn off my kitchen oven and hold onto my curiosity, leaving the oven door closed. I put all the exhaust fans on high and open just one window in the house. That's the best way to draw in fresh air. It doesn't work as well if too many windows are open. This way, the draw of fresh air comes from that one window which I set up to be across the living room.

I'm starting to think it'll need another coat. Oh man, I'm going to have to open that oven.

Sleep? What sleep.

Thank you for listening, jules

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