Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stinky and Sticky

If this is the job of the Scoutmaster's wife, hauling stuff back to our truck when the rest of the troop left three hours ago, then I don't want to do it.  If my job is cleaning up slimy, smelly, sticky things thrown together into five crate and two coolers, then I'm going to be tempted to quit. 

The lid to the lemonade cooler wasn't screwed on tightly and the gummy crud at the bottom seeped out all over the carpet in the truck, onto the tailgate, onto some cloth grocery bags, and onto the lid of a cooler.  By the time I'd figured out where it went, I'd gummed up a set of clothes and two jackets.  It would have been nice if someone had rinsed out the lemonade cooler at the campsite.  It would be good if they knew to store it upright until that was done.

Stroganoff spilled inside one cooler and I got to clean that out.  It smelled rancid on Sunday when I did it.  I kind of expected that since the pot was pretty full and it had to be bounced on a rough rock trail in a wagon.  Still, the smell reminded me of how much I hate the smell of old food.  Did you ever have to clean out the grease trap at a restaurant job?  The other cooler wasn't as bad since everything had gone into Ziploc bags.  I threw away a lot of Ziploc bags and I still have to wipe down the cooler, but it was much easier to do.

After schlepping crap for three hours on Sunday, then figuring out how to unload stuff at home, I erroneously thought I could bring up the two coolers to unload and leave the other five crates to unload on Monday when I planned to run the pots and serving spoons through the dishwasher.  What I found when I opened the crates was that someone had put yogurt in one crate, it had fallen on its side, and ripe yogurt juice was all over a couple of boxes of Ziploc bags and a stack of plastic cups.  Okay, not only was it gross to clean up, it was wasteful too.

Then, in another crate, I found all the condiments and a package of sweaty flour tortillas.  It all had to be thrown out.  The lid to the pickle relish hadn't been screwed on right and that juice had gummed up some more stuff at the bottom of the bin, mostly pots and pans.  The pots and pans were pretty greasy anyway, so it didn't seem wasteful, but it wasn't fun pulling them out of the crate to put into the dishwasher.

I'm almost done with five loads of dishes.  The pots we used were huge and didn't all fit into a smaller load.  I expected that.  I'm just happy they fit into my dishwasher at all.  I knew I'd be running the dishwasher on Monday.  I just didn't expect to throw out so much stuff.  And I didn't think it would be a stinky, sticky mess. 

And how do I tell the parents?  After all, it is the parents who grabbed their kids and left early, it was mostly parents who were 'putting stuff away,' and no kid in his right mind would bring yogurt to a campout. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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