Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shut it!

It sucks that just about the time my husband and my son figure out that I really do feel like crap and start taking care of me, I start to feel better. 

Well, okay, I don't feel totally better yet, but I'm here aren't I?

I wanted to tell you that I really hate the people who posted that viral hate-mongering video.  You know the one I'm talking about, the anti-Muslim one that's causing all the protesting.

Here's what.  I don't know a thing about the Muslim religion or culture except that I read, once, that the Koran held close many of the same principles as Christianity.  I believe in that.  I know that their culture is quite different than what I know and I might have to get used to their food, but that I'd find beauty and truth in it.  I know that the Muslims generally live peaceful lives.  Like in Christianity, they have some fundamentalists who are way out there, but everybody's got them.  Just like I'd hate if people from another religion thought all Christians were willing to murder doctors from a woman's clinic, I hate to connect all Muslims with awful things a very few people have done in their name. 

As if Christians are clean.  Can you say Crusades? 

But what the hell is wrong with people, making a hate video?

Here's the other thing I need to tell you.  I refuse to watch this video.  I will not, not even for the sake of knowing what I'm up against, increase the viewing counter on this video. 

Here's the last thing I need to tell you.  I am happy I live in a relative democracy, with our Constitutional rights spelled out for us on a 200 year old sheet of paper.  But one of the things that really sucks about free speech is how these absolute lunatics in our country get to have such a loud and grating voice. 

I do, however, have the right to say to them - Shut the hell up, you morons!  Did your mothers teach you to behave this way?

Thank you for listening, jules

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