Thursday, September 5, 2013


The computer didn't work. It wasn't charging even though the plug was plugged in. The boy decided to yell at me while I was trying to make turkey burgers. Yup. Turkey. Good name for what's happening, don't you think? I'm not calling anyone names here. Really, I'm not.

1 pound ground turkey

I washed my hands in the middle of working with the turkey and then double-checked connections. No problem that I could see.

2 tablespoons olive oil

The computer stopped functioning altogether. I abandoned the spices I was staring at in my cabinet.

"I'm not available," I chimed in at the summons from Nick, though I walked into the living room and looked over his shoulder first before saying it. Mike was playing video games and I was on dinner duty. Why is it my problem?

1 teaspoon garlic powder

It's my problem because I'm the homework helper. But, I can not claim to be an IT kind of person. I walked back into the kitchen.

1 teaspoon white pepper

"Mike, can you help with this?" I yelled from the kitchen.

1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning

Mike figured out, while I came back into the living room and stood there, my hands in the air like a surgeon, that the switch on the power strip had been turned off. The cat probably walked on it.

1/2 teaspoon chili seasoning

Then, the roasted potatoes decided to smoke me out of the kitchen even though they weren't nearly done. The cooking spray was burning.

1/4 teaspoon salt

Somebody - I won't name names here - saved a file in some strange place without bothering to manage where it was going, so homework got lost. Magically, that was my fault too, though I didn't have a hand on the computer at the time.

Blend all ingredients well in a bowl.

"Get over here and help me. Now!" Nick yelled. I heard an echo of my own voice and was humiliated at the thought.

Form into patties.

"You can sit on the stairs until you decide to treat people with respect," I chimed in from the kitchen. Nick didn't move. My hands went back into surgeon position and I walked out into the living room to stare him down.

"Now," I said, trying to use a quieter tone than he had used. He glared at me and sauntered to his timeout spot.

Grill patties and just before taking the cooked patties off the heat, add sliced cheddar to each.

"I'm sorry dad," Nick said as he rose from the stairs and returned to the computer to finish his work.

Serve on a toasted English muffin with mayonnaise, mustard, a slice of dill pickle, and a thick slice of the neighbor's tomato. Life is delicious. Don't you think?

Thank you for listening, jules


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