Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Votes Are More Equal Than Others

I want the presidential election to be one voter, one vote. 

Why isn't it?  I have never heard a decent justification.  The only thing I've heard is that we've always done it that way.  Well, that's just plain stupid. There are no good reasons to continue to use the electoral college.  It's wrong.  It's a way to fiddle with the true results and the candidates use that information to manipulate their campaigns. 

I looked it up and got a great explanation on YouTube from C.G.P. Gray who talked about how the electoral college works.  It kind of made sense to use the electoral college back before we had such good methods of communication.  Not so much now.  Actually, not at all now. 

Thanks to this C.G.P. Grey, I can see how a candidate with only 20% of the popular vote might get elected to be president.  It's what happened in 2000 with George W. Bush.  The man would not have been elected if we'd used a system in which each person got a vote that counted as one vote.  I felt totally disenfranchised after that election. 

Don't fiddle with the results of my vote.  I want one vote.  I'm not asking for more influence because I'm better than you or anything.  I just want my one vote to be relevant, to be equal to everyone else's vote.

So cut out the funny stuff. 

Thank you for listening, jules

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