Thursday, April 23, 2015

Racecar Mom

Fuck. I almost died today. Did you ever pull a move that looks like what they do in the movies? Cars are going in every direction and one car maneuvers through the middle of it unscathed?

That was me!

I even drifted my Prius on wet pavement with my son in the back seat. Oh, he was so impressed. I never get to drive that way in front of him. I have to provide a sedate example. The man in the shiny black truck that pulled out even though he had a stop sign decided to slam on his brakes in the middle of my lane when he realized there were cars coming from the other direction. Everyone threw on their brakes, even me. I was going 58 mph in a 55 mph zone. I had the right of way. Shit!

Yet if I'd simply slammed on my brakes, I'd have hit the driver's side of that shiny black truck anyway.

I actually drifted over wet pavement to make a sharp right turn instead. I followed very old advice my dad had given my sister in 1972 in her new Chevy Nova and I looked for the way through the problem instead of at the obstacles. I could actually feel my car gaining and losing traction as I drifted. I could feel how much I could push the curve without losing it completely. It was just like in the fucking movies!

Why didn't I roll the car? No clue except that I think the Prius is heavier than it looks and low to the ground. I didn't hit a thing. We weren't even late for karate, though I had to pull over to the side of the road for a few minutes to keep from throwing up.

Sometimes I love driving. I saved two, maybe three lives today. I did.

It was great!

Thank you for listening, jules

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