Monday, November 3, 2014

I Voted

Well, I voted. I was too tired to run another load of dishes but I voted.

I was too lazy to walk the dog today but I voted.

I forgot to pick up the mail until I remembered that sometimes people along the road pick it up for themselves if I don't go out and get it. It was prematurely dark, cold, and pouring rain, but I walked out and got the mail.

And I voted.

It wasn't a glamorous election. No presidents were elected tonight. Sometimes I think more gets accomplished that specifically affects me in the local elections. Plus, when fewer people vote during these quieter elections, my vote has more power. There were some state representatives, some initiatives, and some judges. I voted to make class sizes smaller. I voted for Jay Rodne because he showed up at a Boy Scout event. He quietly talked to people and congratulated the Scouts who were participating that night. That's what it took to shift me toward his side - he showed up and he listened.

I'm not going to tell you anything else about the way I voted. It matters to me, but doesn't matter nearly as much to you except the fact that I voted. Tomorrow, my ballot will get postmarked and sent on it's way. It's a privilege and a responsibility at the same time, so I voted.

Did you?

Thank you for listening, jb

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