Thursday, December 12, 2013

No Credit and No Thank You

I'm seriously pissed at a couple of people right now. How do you live in a small community, run into people who have taken advantage of you, and still smile and chat when you see them at the grocery store?

I guess I'd better stay out of the stores until it wears off. Mike and Nick are going to get pretty hungry.

I tell you. I was having a good day until I checked my email.

Here's news:
  • Do not give out someone's email without their permission. 
  • Do not keep adding projects when someone shows up to help with just one thing.
  • When someone goes out of their way to help, you should thank them.
  • Do not plagiarize.
  • Make sure that articles, artwork, and photos are credited to the author in publications.
Oh man, I hate living in a small town sometimes. Can't I just say what I think to them? Can't I?

Thank you for listening, jules

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