Monday, January 14, 2013

Insomniac, Part 15

Harold looked around. There were suddenly faces hanging above him like big ornaments. He squeezed his eyes closed for a second, but when he opened them again, the faces were still there and looked just as strange, kind of blurred at the edges. He was suddenly cold, shivering in fact. Who were these people in his bathroom? Why were they yelling at him, calling him Mr. Westminster?

Hilly's face came into his vision, sideways instead of upright. Harold couldn't turn his head. The other faces receded for a moment but he felt someone's hands on his bare ankles.

"Dad, are you okay?" Hilly asked. Harold didn't point out that people had appeared in his bathroom, their heads looked like globes, and he couldn't move his own head. Was he still naked from when he got out of the shower? When was that? He didn't quite feel naked, but he couldn't move his head to see. None of it seemed okay.

"No," he said.

"Dad, you're going to be okay," Hilly said. That sounded as ridiculous as asking if he was okay. How was any of this okay? Just as Harold was about to say that, the boy was gone and people were rolling him onto his side. He didn't even try to stop any of it though and with the wash of cold air on his butt, he knew, without a doubt, that it was naked.

Just what he needed. The vision of his furry butt exposed to the six or eight people in his bathroom made him groan. How could so many people even fit into his bathroom?

"Sorry, Mr. Westminster. We'll get you all packed up here in a jiff. Just bear with us. Can you remember what happened to you, Mr. Westminster?"

Get him talking. Harold could tell by the too-cheerful tone of the man's voice that it was a ploy. Get him talking and maybe he won't notice his ass is hanging out of his wet towel. He could suddenly feel it, the wet towel grinding into his right hip and the cold air hitting his butt.

"Oh God!" It was Victoria's voice he heard, but he couldn't see her. He tried to see where she was so he could explain why he was lying here, half naked on the bathroom floor. He knew she would be disgusted.

"Stay still, Mr. Westminster. We're getting the board," someone said. He couldn't see the face who went with the voice. What the hell was 'the board' and why were they getting it?

It figured. It was already one of those days and it wasn't going to get any better than this, lying on the bathroom floor in front of six or eight strangers with his ass hanging out. Someone needed to call his boss. He was going to be late for work.

Thank you for listening, jules

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